#003 lucci – law n order 歌詞


law n order boy you n_ggas snitching i’m gone mind my business
know some birds thats some acrobats i got these chickens flipping
unloyal in my circle see them rocks go get to kicking
most known in my hood cuz they think i come from riches
i ain’t trying to have no p_ssy n_ggas hangin ‘round with me
need some n_ggas toting pistols walking down them n_ggas street
hit they block up with that fire i did that sh_t for about week
then stop and start back and thats just how you end a streak
dont get mad if yo b_tch gone f_ck bro thats just how it go
if my b_tch gone let you f_ck n_gga go and hit the hoe
obviously it ain’t my b_tch if she gone choose for the bros
loyalty ain’t finite n_gga just stay up on yo toes
time to switch it up
so who want war with us
if i don’t like him i might wack em for a couple bucks
but i’m a boss so i might pay to get a n_gga touch
pound on yo head
matter fact up a brick
dont hit the trap tryna act friendly n_gga stop touching sh_t
unemployment got 10 bandz fresh off the government
ima seven ain’t no big homies boy we running sh_t
i ain’t no gd bd stone but we droppin rakes
but we f_ck wit some gd’s but thats on rare occasions
free my cousin drako n_gga but i ain’t gone speak on cases
you might think i was a crip how you always see blue faces
i don’t know sh_t about jessie white but i like flipping packs
blow 10 bands at the shop but i’m gone get that back
leave yo car on at the slot you on some sh_t lil patch
fn with some choppa bullets now thats a mix n match
beam give him eye surgery now get yo vision back
folks keep saying that he gone k!ll me but i’m still living facts
you a sneed in this b_tch you ain’t gone get respect
seven them been ran the burbs y’all gotta give us that
its like 2 to 36 go get your n_ggas back
glizzy thats my brother i’m gone k!ll for him
get to shooting like ray allen jump straight out the gym
call me curry with that 30 but without the rim
one of the coldest n_ggas to do it just hand me a pen

- 003 lucci