03 greedo – moonrocks freestyle 歌詞



ohh ohh
ohh oh oh oh
ohh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh
ohh oh oh oh

[verse 1]

well if i ever gave a f-ck about a b-tch
i’d always be broke
i’d never have no mothaf-ckin’ moonrocks to smoke
it’s baby loc you knew me
and b-tch you can’t do me
and free my round f-ck the flee, f-ck the police
i have no love for hoes
that’s something that i learned in the downs
so how the f-ck am i supposed
to pay this ho, just to bang this ho
i know the p-ssy’s mines ima f-ck the ho three times
and then i’m through with it
there’s nothing else to do with it
p-ss it to the homie, now you hit it
she ain’t nothin’ but a b-tch to me
y’all know that b-tches ain’t sh-t to me, i gives a f-ck
why don’t you pay attention?
approach you with that baby proposition like [?]
ho, you’ll never be my only one
03 more in love with his gun
you know i come from the slums, off some molly and tums
og kush stuck to thumbs, they used to call me a bum
now look how hard ima come, only [?]
high power lil bud
pull out to buy all the drugs
f-ck standin’ buy all the guns
my daughter need me to hustle
screamin’ rest in peace jacka
i got the piece in my jacket
you only street around ratchets
i got the heater in traffic, summer time it get tragic
california still active, but the west full of actors
hollywood -ss rappers and hollywood with the package
[?] we dropped out to start p-ssin’
but don’t test us we spazzin’, this the r-t-rded cl-sses
try not to reach or we blastin’

- 03 greedo