05 the rapper – jump! 歌詞


ay pi’erre! you wanna come out here? eh!
this is a melo beat!

n_gga jump! n_gga jump!
f_ck this f_cking ar, i’mma use a f_cking pump
ridin’ through the city, scare away the oops, like that n_gga timmy
i swear i’m not a ganster, i’m a f_cking banger
yeah, i am not a thug, i just drank from mug
yeah, i’m tryna live my life, i rap about guns and knifes
cause’ that sh_ts fun, i know that n_gga violet, b_tch, why you lying?
atleast their is no violence, put the gun on silence, yeah, put the gun on silence
no need for violence, up in 50 years, i’ll respect my pairs
this is real rap, this ain’t f_cking mumble
if i choose to fall, i would f_cking fumble
i don’t give a f_ck, i just wanna jump
shoot him just like kobe, man i take the dunk
i just wanna jump, i just wanna jump
f_ck out my face yeah, i just wanna jump yeah

i just wanna jump
n_gga, i just wanna jump
yeah, i just wanna jump
fly melodies!

- 05 the rapper