0asis2x – venting session 2 歌詞


verse :

and i can’t vent i got too much up in my brain
and i can’t tell you how i feel cuz u can’t understand my pain
and girl you had an umbrella but had me walking in the rain
and you keep talking to these n_ggas while u taken that sh_t lame
they say they got me , like they switching clothes everybody change
i played my part but i had different roles, im not the one to blame
( blame blame blame )
and i done gave my all to everyone and they can’t do the same
( same same same )
i got no_one to call when im alone and i dont feel okay
now im done wit all my nonsense
and now im feeling nauseous
( skrrt skrrt )
can’t get this off my conscience
baby girl just stop it
and whenever i smile, theres a frown underneath
i hate being alone, because it gives me time to think
im reminiscing bout september lost somebody every week
my girl been thugging, should’ve knew that she was wilding like a treesh
why would u tell me its forever if you knew you was gon leave
im starting to think that the person i really hate the most is me
cuz i really gave her my heart and
( unt )
she threw it away like its garbage
( oh yea )
so i step back like harden
she know how i feel and she do it regardless
( regardless )
and i just can’t get through to ha
i think that im losing ha
( ya ya )
dont kno what to do wit ha
( skrtt )
but i can’t leave im used to ha
and i know blessin here but she got other sh_t to deal wit
and i dont talk to rell but i still love her and we still cl!ck
and destiny just left when i start talking bout some real sh_t
me and niya rarely talk but its okay because we still friends
and my best friend left me too
its so unexpectable
and baby its so crazy the sh_t that i let you do
and this go for blessin too
this go for the rest of you
yall all got the best from me, but ian get the best from you
everybody doing sneaky sh_t
but i been peeping sh_t
i used to be so quick to leave the b_tch
and not believe the b_tch
but i love this girl so much, so i really gotta try and trust ha
i can love ha
( oh oh )
better than the guys that want ha
ion vent
f_ck a f_cking venting session cause that sh_t dont make no sense
what the f_ck is u gon say to make me feel like lifes a gift?
i swear to god im f_cking tired, i been cryin like a b_tch
and lifes a b_tch, they say they love u den dey leave what type of sh_t?
man i swear that sh_t so crazy
never thought that you would play me
( no )
shouldve kept my thoughts on safety
and baby n0body can save me
i was lost, n0body could see
im good at giving advice to everyone but me
( no )
u say u stopped giving a f_ck so what im posed to think?
and yea you put me through h_ll but im not gon leave
n0body understand me, im feeling empty
you cannot call me yo family, if you can’t help me
one day im gone be a memory, just dont forget me
everybody said they wouldn’t but them n_ggas left me
and i didn’t expect that from you, but you still did it
and you knew if i found out, we through, why’d you still risk it?
and it wasn’t that deep to you
i know how much this means to me, what does it mean to you?
i hope you see it through

- 0asis2x