0ne – goodnight (remix) 歌詞


bro, i understand life is hard and sh_t
but sh_t, my n_gga, like
you either gone sit there, and take them f_cking punches
or you gone get the f_ck up, and fight the f_ck back

hit em’ with the oh jesus (jesus)
i’m on the track like believe this
easy lemme break it down into pieces
i’m at a point where i simply can’t freeze this (freeze this)
put her down shotty gon’ point this heat to the beaches (beaches)
i’m yelling to the world like bro middle finger up and i milly rock
forth i’m spraying all my shots got my minigun broke
now i gotta bring the homies i’ma let em’ off (oh sh_t)
you gon’ be running it’s pitiful
i’m on my own vibes looking mythical
i’m on my way i’m gon eat you so edible
like it or love it i mean every syllable
come in to the scene like sh_t
i got savage and we gonna run it like this
one is in the building and we never gon’ miss
put your hands up or you end up in the crypt” it’s one!

- 0ne