0ptimystic! – driving through time 歌詞


young prodigy
yo, it’s just the squad and me
comin’ through with archery
personified debauchery
i know why you watchin’ me
’cause no one goes as hard as me
climbin’ to the top like a marksman
look who i’m targeting
practically marketing
myself; i am no god-less being
but raw it seems, i am
like vegans shoppin’ in the gra-cery
a living odyssey
mystic, the oddest beast
it’s no mistake, i’m in your face
i’m racin’, you applaud the screams
i tear apart the seams
survive the darkest dreams
shuffle the cards with ease
the dealer is a part of me
the healer is the heart of me
i feel ya and i call for peace
never easy to reach it
ayatollah, keep a secret
what i’m seekin’ is obscene to some
obsequious, a g-nius spun
around my head, left me for dead
but now i’m here, i’m off my meds
i recompense for being tense
my being is a breathing thread
a weaving piece of cosmic web
the sikhist is remarka-bled

- 0ptimystic