16raheem – jordan rule 歌詞



(always keep a glizzy on me)
yo, uh
humble beast i pick and choose my battles fam (fighting)
yeah, diamond from the pressure of an avalanche
huh, yeah, d_mn, i think i found my groove
i queue the millions i just graduated from my school (let’s go)
yeah, i dominated so they had to make a jordan rule (23)
yeah, and they dug you in a hole ain’t talking 42 (42)
send shots that’s 44s (ah)
throw rocks thats 4:44’s (yeah)
6_0 no 4_2s, one on one no 4_2s
straight gas no 42s (ah)
steal a pass like 43 (let’s go)
no saint like 41, rap like a loaded gun
gave out a pass ain’t get one back
feel like y’all have to owe mе one (bow)
no that’s not your rollie give it back to who you stolе it from (huh)
headshot that’s hole in one (bow)
beef cooked that’s over done (let’s go)
other sh_t that’s over with
understand it’s over (over with)
i can spot a snake i know exactly where the cobra bit
member’ i was youngest in the pack and getting sober lit

- 16raheem