2 asscheeks – nofap20 歌詞


ay, 2 asscheeks on the beat, cummin on the beat uh, beat my meat uh

ay, ay, put my d_ck on his face, ay, ay, put my d_ck on his waist
ay, ay, put my d_ck on his b_tt, ay, ay, he gon’ l!ck the nut
i’m comin with my b_tch and she gripping uh, i’m coming with yo d_ck i be drippin uh, i be cummin on yo p_n_s and i’m flippin uh, and i’m cummin on this track where there’s b_tches uh
playing playstation with my n_gga dan, i’m gonna get all these f_cking bands n_gga, what the f_ck you tryna say n_gga, ay ay got my p_n_s in his b_tt, sike, sike, that would make me f_cking nut

ay, nofap20 f_ck that sh_t
ay, nofap20 f_ck my b_tch

ay, ay, i’m a grip up on my face
ay, ay, he gon nut up on my waist x2
ay, he gon p_n_s on my face
ay, and he f_cking with my brace
ay, ima twist his f_cking braids

ay, ima put his durag on
ay, ima f_ck him all night long

put my p_n_s in his mom
put my p_n_s in his grandpa
put my p_n_s in his grandma
put my p_n_s in his dad too
put my p_n_s get a tattoo

ay, playing xbox, now you know i’m a f_g so we gonna get rocks
ay, ay, put my p_n_s on his face, ay, ay, d_ck all up his waist

- 2 asscheeks