2 la kil – that make you feel 歌詞


that’s so bad
taking in that morning light
like that’s so wack
i’m looking for a woman
that’s going to have my back
and that ain’t worried bout my money
and right after taxes
like that’s a hassle yeah
now answer that
who the f_ck want to touch
i feel that you now have grasped
i remember when you ain’t want my love
but now you can’t relax
and that’s as much hate as i had stuck around
to add the math d_mn you subtracted
yeah that’s how it is

(verse 1)
you stupid selfish b_tch i did
all that for you
i did i’ll admit it selling hope from the pew
i’m like what it do i’m the first to burst to earth
yelling out here womb to tomb
yeah i been going hard momma i don’t know
where the end but i know i’m the best beginning
rock the bed save the cheddar i’m going to need
that later for better
dark is dead we had said everything we regret
but i’m still going to argue and leave you
and see you envelope
cause i like when you envy me
kind of like independent beef
on my back like you a leech
around my neck like you a leash
you a headache i need aleve
just to clear all the d_mn tension
man this down written bam
when the band saying fam
calm down we’ll be on next
and they don’t know
mam i’m enamored with your glamour
give me something nice for the gram
b_tch pose for the camera
cause you look like a star
and you are you my heroin

you cocaine straight to the vein
you my marijuana i just might marry jane
you my percocet you my everything

(verse 2)
you got the perfect s_x
and pop it like amphetamine
these hoes sing it like i’m eddie kane
you make my heart break
you could take it all break it
love s_x lsd girl call it major payne
like i’m damon wayan
little homie don’t play
nah i ain’t got time for games
baby put it in reverse play me
that amazing shake ah
call it boomerang
hey that’s that strangé love
these hoes trying to do something strange
for a little piece of change 
i call it cause i’m balling mane
i parlay with the mob and gang
a little soul like marvin g_ye
hey it’s the modern day version
yeah i’m ricky james
n_gga yeah i’m sick insane
with this liquor in my system 
i’m going get it when i’m spit it
to the audience it’s a party in the lobby
please don’t hurt n0body

(verse 3)
on the borderline
of thirst
isn’t this the mission
world war third
hits the earth
for the water oil and fuel
& it’s getting nuclear
and the poorer
pour the 4 english
fizzing the
liquid spirits
hidden in the 5th dimensions
mentioned when
getting serious
chill continue
dawg say
don’t u feel
a little ridiculous
with your b_tching
won’t you sit and listen
to your favorite song
and hit that gin and liquor
baby making say my name
just like the lyrics
its beyonce
i’m in the west like i’m kanye
got the sauce whip word
if she want to get naughty
then it’s on and strike a nerve
tell homie light the purp
and i’m a take it to the glass dome
yea i passed on the merch
and i k!lled in the backbone
redbones tell me
n_gga you a assh0l_
all the mad hoes trip
if i laugh then i pass on em
take it to the grave
may day to the fake
i just tell them don’t hate
and exchange like tiller say

- 2 la kil