2 paddies & froggy – boss flow (raw version) 歌詞


[verse 1: luigi]
you’re a gnat
you’re not on my level
better not f_ck with me i’m a gnat_catcher
a hot spitter, i’ll leave you in a hospital
we don’t play doug
b_tch n_ggas be 2 face
f_ck i’m feeling like bruce wayne
this right here is ripley’s believe it or not
homie my pen game has cost me a lot
of time with heartaches and bad breaks
got the cadence of all the greatest mcs
the latest threat like corona virus
i keep surviving y’all attempts to control my ass b_tch
i’m getting better so n_ggas be bitter
i’m aiming for letterman
hate is irrelevant
i get a h_ll of it, still getting better, man
you claim you lions and what? whatever
this sh_t a circus
b_tch i’m mr. phinehas
y’all just an act
that’s why you capping and i don’t react
these n_ggas phony but got all the hearts
of all the youth who be looking for truth in the music
amusing b_tch i just relax
taking a sh_t while i’m tweaking my rap
god sent mc
you call it losses i see em’ as lessons
some of the lessons i’ll never forget em’
all of my people who watchin from heaven
until we meet yo!

[verse 2: mario]
hating on me that’s typical
says he’s better than me, he’s cynical
man i’m as ancient as el, i’m hotter than h_ll
turn water into wine, like old miracles
started from the bottom but i’m heading to the pinnacle
break them mcs into two like two syllables
n_ggas still tryna make hits, keep eating my sh_t
obviously its fire when i spit
d_mn i keep raising these bars to a new high
n_ggas be tryna catch up so they feel fly
feed on my sh_t like a housefly
ace the rap game i’m the new guy
making more waves than a goodbye
whow yeah, let’s go
k!lling them n_ggas like white police
bury them underground six foot deep
spitting hard bars from my iron t__th
n_ggas still down in their peak
i head them like sheep
making em mills but meek
n_ggas throw jabs but they somehow weak
they be tryn to catch up, but dunno how
k!ll me like mobsters or crucify me
d_mn would you throw in that towel?

[verse 3: mario & luigi]
that’s crazy man

running through your hood like coal tar
knock knock knock leave a n_gga in a bow tie
always on target bullseye
rappers flow stagnant, poolside
yeah, i got more bills than the gates
n_gga said i got more bills than the gates boy
got more drip than the patient
n_ggas said i got more b_tches that are waiting
on a n_gga hotline
two fine b_tches and they wanna do the white line
b_tches be buzzing on my timeline
these gold diggers wanna be mine
i’m hopping to the cash
rapping to the masses
attitude adjustment, wrestle all my demons
d_mn i’m tight like spandex
k!lling them like cancer’s
count on me like numbers
we so rare like diamonds
uh, i’m gonna disappear into the deep abyss
i’m in a deep affair with your main b_tch

[verse 4: froggy]
king of the new school maa ba metse mahen kua do
wonmame beat na me spit bars ngudo
me ma punch na woantse ah me nsan nsi do
me ma punch na woantse ah
me wo punchlines, delivery na content
amep3 na 3 dial me number na enya options
wo rap y3 fractions
ame me ma lines y3 captions
3y3 good ahh b3gye license
i roar like a lion
ame me ma heat d3 iron
positive and negative d3 ion
me tsimtsim ho d3 mount zion
won r3 efir so ah mekai hon
new rap school mey3 teacher
wonnim ah wonbisa
me rap sipi sits
wontum nk_mi guitar strings po na edze ma beat ah i swear m3 tsetsew no
i am so on heat
i bring what you can’t compete
i wear rap on me like sleeves
i rap with ease
say cheese take a picture
top ten dhope rappers me y3 member
m3 ma wo lines from january to december
3ho na 3b3 hu d3 ma so koo mey3 danger
the kid in the new block
i run the game i am the new boss
ehina mu nsu i am the new boss
yiwo dross

- 2 paddies froggy