2 yuxng – birthday cake 歌詞


2 yuxng, in the booth
that’s a fact, i’ve been in the dark alone running from my past
got my feet tired, got me stepping in the sand
she was real pretty when i met her in the past
got my boys with me we gonna celebrate again

that’s my birthday cake step away, ah
blowing up these candles but i’m lighting up my way, ah
came up, man blowing all these rappers like a wave ah
when i’m done i’m throwing up these hundreds on there face, ah
didn’t tie my laces but i’m in a race, ah
lotta shawtys texting they just wanna a lil taste, ah
4am my daddy running out to get the bag ah
its ok you hating i know that can never change, ah

its my birthday cake step away ah
if you got a problem we can solve it in the back, ah
you said we was playing now you now you asking how we make it
i put down all my pain now i’m tryna celebrate it
have changed i’m still running for the bag too
we was in the field remember it was only us two
this ain’t kuwk think you really lost too
she was kissing on my neck but felt like it was shark tooth
that’s my birthday cake, i’m smoking vape
me and my broad been texting all night tryna get it straight
you don’t want no smoke you know i keep a stick
its my birthday don’t need a rari just a cake
don’t need no therapy i’m done with all the drama
god knows i’ve been good that’s why i got a day and another
i’ma celebrate it like a n_gga got no other
if we taking shots we making sure we not sober
i’m in the corner with my broskis
feel like we just got the keys man to the whole street
they flexing on a n_gga but they know i’m the only og
steeping in my lane they just wanna see the old me

2 yuxng, yeah
plug 17
they just wanna see the old me
that’s my birthday cake
that’s my birthday cake

- 2 yuxng