2007 – ​trees breathe thru me 歌詞


you can find me in the citadel
the sh_t you said, it ain’t sitting well
we got ourselves lost in the catacombs
pull the wires out my head just to call home

i know you envy me, that is not no secret
claim i’m the enemy, why you so complacent?
toss me aside, but there’s no replacement
blacklist me, but i’mma still run sh_t

you’re talking like a god
to be real, you’re f_cking stupid
it’s like ignorance
is your only mission

i can’t read you
what is your objective?
your words, they hold no substance
deciphering your message

i spilled blood on my dress, my t__th in your neck
i can get used to this
poison ivy like what’s in my cup?
heat the chalice, make it burn to the touch

posted in the woods
let the trees breathe through me
take me back in time
b_tch, i feel like stevie
sapphire lips, will you kiss me?
will you l!ck up the blood when you bite me?
i can feel your aura right beside me
the taste of salt in my mouth when i’m crying

i’m tired of coming in last, paranoia won’t last
i’m just lying to myself
just an itch and a scratch, get myself back on track
running short just like an elf

spent most of my life as a benchwarmer
now they love me, i’m quite the charmer

- 2007