2009 (rapper/r&b) – launch control 歌詞


ya seee (yeahhh)
margiellas on my feet they make u dream
yung boy get this chedda swear to god by any means
stacking to the attic now my bankroll j_panese
bro said make a banger they gon drop down to they knees

idgaf about n0body cept me
boulders in my ears feel like ron ortiz
idgaf about n0body at all
ran off on the plug told him suck my ballzzz

yung boy sh_t making money on a macbook
automatic fire got yo m_th_fuccin house shook
rouge street f_ck do u mean looking sideways
nbawok with the pistol leave u migraines
tryna get close u gon need about a bag bro
lotta bad blood we gon leave u on the floorboard
macro gang make more money than a hacker
20 iq b_tch dumber than a cracker :p

sandman strength i be looking like a veteran
f_ck to the no i ain’t never wear vetemens
rouge boy sh_t makin money on the laptop
e wh0re king make her m_th_fuccin ass pop
ashphalt interior, kush in the jacket
she still f_ck me even though my hair was jagged
jaguar mach 10 speed on the runway
lotta bad hoes wana f_kk me cuz a sun day

- 2009 rapperrb