2020 (rapper) – nostalgic for what 歌詞


[verse 1: 2020]
when you’re in the movie there’s silence
looking back there is good music
right in that moment you make a decision but afterwards thinking is useless
going back down the path i went
that feeling is now so elusive
everybody ask where the time went
like time isn’t your own illusion

no one can feel nostalgic this second
no one can feel that feeling around
no one can know what moment will be precious
what do you say as you’re laying him down, had a great time
thank god he made sure to make time
started out rough had a late prime
but made the best out of his late life
nostalgic for what

[breakdown: mom, younger self]

[verse 2: 2020]
why be nostalgic?
nothing is how it’s ever gonna be
it’s all neurologic
everything gone is a memory burned in a tree
it’s not something cynical
it is a clinical picture and positive plea
cuz if you’re nostalgic
everything happening now will take years to be seen

[breakdown: mom, younger self]

- 2020 rapper