209splash – carti act a fool freestyle 歌詞


feel like i’m leading the pack,n_gga rudolph
i’m in the coupe n_gga who took the roof off
she won’t let you f_ck she left yo ass on blue b_lls
these n_ggas really b_tches call em’ rupaul
we finna act a fool up in saks fifth
that n_gga can’t pull he wit a fat b_tch
i got a bad b_tch wit a accent
i got a ride or die she a savage
broke ass n_gga eating bologna sandwiches
whole gang keep the sticks like some d_mn witches
n_gga ran up now he need some d_mn stitches
wet his ass up now he wit the d_mn fishes
diamonds hittin,in a competition
we got them big guns n_gga demolition
these n_ggas my sons n_ggas better f_cking listen
swear these n_ggas broke man they need some f_cking fixing
and i got a p_rnhub b_tch she a vixen
i just hit a l!ck while yo f_ckin b_tch l!ckin
she sucking the tip then after she gon tip me
i’m not a d_mn crip but my f_cking pockets cripping
all these blue strips i guess that i’m blue stripping
how that’s yo b_tch when yo f_cking boo stripping?
i’m high as f_ck like a got d_mn hippie
i gotta f_ck the b_tch then i get to kicking
i got a bad b_tch and you know she kinky
she tryna suck me up man i swear she freaky
i do not give a f_ck b_tch you can leave me
pockets they green boy they lookin like leafy
got yo b_tch wet now her f_ckin legs fiji
don’t play yo sh_t i don’t wanna hear yo cd
cartier glasses swear these d_mn sh_ts 3d
got a bad b_tch and her d_mn name tee tee
i got a choppa and this d_mn sh_t heat seek
i put my kids on her f_cking face pg
i feel like drake but i don’t love kiki
i don’t drink lean n_gga b_tch im sippin peach tea

- 209splash