20nvr – 2part 歌詞


(intro) hasani & fayson

i see you
standing over there
don’t look my way
don’t you dare
you look too good
it ain’t fair
i see you
standing over there

(verse 1: baptizeee)

hey, nice to meet you
you got the finest features
i can see friends and family
throwing condoleezza
we’ll have a daughter
she probably be a diva
those the things that i envisioned
very first time that i seen ya
the night was very scenic
and i was off sativa
and them daisy duke denims let me know you were a keeper
my mind was overjoyed
but player my demeanor
my earth, my venus & my serena. i

[ hook #1 ] fayson
i see you
standing over there
don’t look my way
don’t you dare
you look too good
it ain’t fair
i see you
standing over there

[ hook #2 ] fayson

yeah i’m into that
tell a freaky bish to bend her back
all my n_ggas on attack
that a matter of fact
yeah we livin’ like that
big business yeah i’m into that
yeah i’m into that x2

(verse 1) baptizeee
big business yeah i’m into that
2020 vintage, yeah i’m into that, ooh
walked in and i spent so racks
but i ain’t break no sweat
cause ima get it back
i like fast cars
i did the dash in the nascar
it’s already stamped
i need stamps in my passport
get in and get what you asked for
ain’t no waiting
ain’t no monkey on my back
that’s a ape and its bathin’ oooh
(verse 2) kassim

yeah, look
’slow motion’ like i’m juvi
i ain’t kidding
night i met you was a movie
d_mn you different
baby can i be your man_u_script?
you read my mind all the time
i can handle it
hotter than a candle lit
open like a can of worms
usher raymond ‘let it burn’
perm in it
like permanent with pepper mint
freshes n_gga ever since
thriller jacket gray zip
that’s my n_gga fayson, 20nvr

[ hook #2 ]

(verse 3) just keys

she bust it down
she wanna ride
just for keys yea
the light is green
the gas supreme
i’m hitting top speed yea
crash on the scene yea
flashing my beams yea
light work
light work
tell me what do you see yea
n_ggas lacking
20 stacking
over seas
aye aye captain
shadow boxing with the mic
until i got it slappin
competition, me myself and i
this a beyonce caption
i need a whole lotta room
money, i make it stretch
your girl all on my d_ck tragic
and she made it disappear magic
she got that fire
i call her blow torch
k!ll the punani
it’s dead now
survivor’s remorse
and i’m on a high horse
and i hold a high sword
my arm nvr gets sore
and i reach my high score
some times, i get bored
so i get more
load up and i reload
aim high at your halo
then a lay low
with a new girl
with an ass sitting like a mango

- 20nvr