20nvr – slow down 歌詞



slow down lil baby
no stains on my denim
my sh_t goin crazy
like it a hoe_down lil baby
they follow my move
and we move like the navy
i said whoa now lil baby
i came for them bands to
pop out like i’m katie
i said whoa now lil baby
i told em to slow down lil baby


(inside, outside. i’m on the inside… f_ck it)

cutting these records like chop n’ screw
head way too sharp, i don’t need a cut
peperoni, pepper ann
these salty n_ggas really fans
i hope these n_ggas understand
i’m good, i don’t need your luck
ain’t no 4 leaf clover
drip way too hard
now my cup runnith over
more range than a rover
buying land like a rover
got bands, like i’m nola
y’all ain’t closer and i know ya mad
this for my culture
make it pop like a soda
used to plop on a sofa
now i gotta crib with
a chick on my ribs


just keys

my destiny filled
vision revealed
i beat the odds
somethings i feel like its pressing me still
cross on my chest
you know the deal
the earilest traumas take longer to heal i heard
both of my hands on the wheel, i swerve
all of this talent
a blessing a curse
but if i had none
would it be worse

o _ slice

first things first treat friends like family
this is not a feature
for you other n_ggas though i like to run the meter
for a mill, you catch a hit
i got that derek jeter
getting busy, you know slizzy be that señorita
yea, yea
you know them boys they be h_ll of clever
you know the noise that we tend to tether
so its kamikaze when we get together
its a whole lotta of gang sh_t
so please pardon my language
as i’m watching my tounge
i’ll be washing you bums
so i’m calling the game swish


- 20nvr