20nvr – tall 歌詞


(intro) baptizeee

stood tall like mayan
if i walk in then it probably be a riot
yo sh_t looking quiet
my touch got the midas
came with them klumps
why yo sh_t looking diet
you need some guidance
got game you could buy it
stood tall like mayan, aye
stood tall like giant
stood tall like tree, had to climb it mt. zion

(verse 1) fayson

face to face with all my vices
dark skin and a light skin
don’t mistake me for a pilot
still be doing all the fly sh_t
but you gotta move in silence
fayson laboratory got it down to science
nights like this i swear this sh_t could be timeless
all that geekin’ get yo ass univited
(verse 2) kassim

we run the summer
you n_ggas walkers
i’m over it
when it comes to the schemin
me and my team
swing straight for the net
feels like jorovic
it’s all love
our 15s are 16s
high lights
like yellow lines on big screen
my life’s a movie fits on a big screen
i max on my tracks
bolt like usain
f_ck is you saying

- 20nvr