21 pence – lol 歌詞


lol (lots of love)
no, laughing out loud, (ha ha ha)

lol, lol, lol
(lots of love?)
no, laughing out loud

[verse one]
i’m laughing out loud at the losers in this world
thinking you can get me mad, best try and try again
it’ll be so disappointing, and i don’t give a f_ck
i’m laughing out loud, out motherf_cking loud
out f_cking loud, f_ck those haters, f_ck those people
f_ck them, yeah
i got style that people get jel
i got style that people just can’t tell
i know my way around places, and i know many faces
so say sh_t to me, but word to ya, i remember faces, so just have that in, put that in mind

lol, lol, lol
(lots of love?)
no, laughing out loud
[verse two]
people make me lol, that means laugh out loud
i just can’t fathom how many people arе so stupid
i just can’t understand them
some pеople make me wanna shoot up, but i just stay calm
i don’t know where the f_ck to get an automatic, a pistol or an ak, or even an uzi or an mg
i am not violent, unless someone breaks my silent and i start wire in and have to say or do something that i disagree with so much that you’ll be wanna run, i’ll then i’ll find someone with a gun and you’ll start running, i’ll begin my shooting

lol, lol, lol
(lots of love?)
no, laughing out loud

[verse three]
pop goes the brain when someone is shot there
i’m a tough f_cker, i know how to be ruthless, lethal
more lethal than a fist to your t__th yo, cause ya to get to the dental
i’m mental, i belong in the cuckoo hospital
locked up in a padded cell with a straitjacket til i kick the bucket, til i say oh f_ck it
i got many techniques, ways that would disappoint anybody, even the rap geeks
i got rap styles, i’m the lethal rapper to ever be born in scotland
i got style and others lack it, so just listen as i spit it

[hook 4x]
lol, lol, lol
(lots of love?)
no, laughing out loud

- 21 pence