22 karma – maybe i’ll see you someday 歌詞


yep, alright
maybe i’ll see you someday, i guess

[verse 1]
maybe i can meet you again
and maybe we can just pretend that nothing happened we were friends, maybe it wasn’t meant to end
frankly i could think forever all the ways that we could mend it and maybe i’ll make it better i could be more level headed
we were heading in the right direction ’till your ex texted, misled sh_t, misread incidents of him lettin
maybe you’ll forget him, maybe let him be a lesson
maybe i could pick you up for every time that he was letting you down
maybe you were drowning, maybe all you wanted was out
but if you’d give me just a minute i could stop the clock from ticking and we could pick up the pieces and leave infinity reinvented
baby please just tell me that you meant it when you set a bet with anybody else felt empty
maybe i can fill the sp_ce if you’d let me
maybe i’ll suppress the depression and shake my head away
my mental state been reg_regressing since you went away
reflections of my face are are painting a portrait of great
the morbid estate
and maybe i can make myself a place in which you’d actually stay
your hazardous ways, but i still like we could still fix the issues if i see you someday, girl all i need is one day

[verse 2]

- 22 karma