23 unofficial – the takeoff 歌詞


i still do it on the daily
nowadays i don’t bother if it doesn’t pay me
born in the 90’s but the streets raised me
nowadays i don’t bother if it doesn’t pay me
born in the 90’s but the streets raised me
still find me with the suttin’s comin’ outta page 3
hide your daughters, i’m with lots of ballers
give her ’nuff vitamins, i’m what the doctor ordered
and even though we’re out here flyin’ straight
somehow, i still feel the blocks are calling
i just wanna get bread and mind my business
stay patterned, we forever wit’ the litness
everyday, i ask god for forgiveness
and pray it all works out but this ain’t fitness
and we just workin’ on it
takin’ life as a lesson, we just learning from it
and all the things it comes with but we ain’t hurting from it
nah, i said that we ain’t hurting from it
see i can’t take no days off
grind 24’s, don’t know about a day job
you already know hard work always pays off
and nothing ain’t changed, i’m still the same boss
phd in streetology
i swear, nothing nowadays beats honesty
we tryna build empires, build colonies
reason why when i do suttin’, i do it properly
see i ain’t with the halfhearted
fully in it with anything it take part in
to reach the top, ain’t always a straight target
nah, ain’t always a straight target
they say i’m heartless just because i learned to use my heart less
i just tell ’em that it’s farfetched
the streets left me with a cold heart
and every time i went outside, i swear it got a little colder

- 23 unofficial