24hrs – dior jacket 歌詞


a luxury

before the quarantine, was movin’ solo
dior jacket in the photos
forty backwoods in the ashtray
percocet gon’ make me have a better day
doin’ ninety_five drivin’ through eastview
gotta keep my eye on the rifle
fifteen in the clip, oh, that’s survival
i got cameras, he was dead on arrival
me and her been shoppin’, talkin’ tags after tags
p_ssy good, then i’ma buy her bag after bag
yeah, push to start, you ain’t gotta crack up the whip
x6 bmw, you must be your girl whip
pillow talkin’, nutty b_tty, he was on some squirrel sh_t
that is not my b_tch, if i ain’t get her new chanel purse
i’vе been in the gym, tryna lift the money papеr up
back when i didn’t have it, remember momma use to pay for us
dark dreams on the way, i’m askin’ can you pray for us
perkys gon’ get me if the covid don’t

perkys gon’ get me if the covid don’t
man, the perkys gon’ get me if the covid don’t

- 24hrs