26 – nothing in the air 歌詞


sacred cities blasphemed by a distant land
infants born without their eyes on desert sand

conspiracy of crude transparence yet truth not given a second glance
fluoride, news by disney and enculturated greed

wake him please, a nightmare’s shards are slashing into me, or am i dreaming someone else’s dream…

electric screens are taunting you and sifting out what’s left of your integrity
networking of vacuumed zombies, stained and empty cybеr claims of egalitarian technology

stolen lands corruptеd by accursed families
i remember days of change but they revised that history

you can’t appeal to conscience where there is not one
soap opera towers bring profits, ( ) pulled back the gun

crocodile tears have fallen, entertainment dollars calling
orchestrated history gathers all they’ve dreamed and planned

threads to king, rajneesh, bobby and lennon’s graves are haunting me…
shadow people bound to hitler’s ideology

- 26