279tyler – hey* 歌詞


lyrics from snippet


hey, i got wockhardt in my cup b_tch
hey, no i do not give no f_cks b_tch
hey, run up on me try your luck b_tch
hey, that’s your main hoe that’s my side b_tch
hey, yeah she see my cash, now she wanna bag
i got truey on my ass, yeah yeah
i’m in first and they in last
i’m a leave them in the past
cause i don’t need none of that, yeah yeah

ooh that b_tch ass is fat
i think i’m gonna smash
and then i’m a pass, yeah yeah
yeah i live my life so fast
i told lil shawty, yeah
this sh_t not gone last, yeah yeah
yeah, yeah all i smoke is gas
they look at me winning and they get so mad
i don’t give a f_ck what they say cause i’m glad
that i’m alive with the crew getting cash
yeah, yeah i’m really with the crew
pass my glock to loo while i’m rolling up this glue, yeah woah
yeah i’m getting all these bands
all these bands in my pants f_cking up my stance, yeah woah
yeah this new ysl came from france

- 279tyler