279tyler – luxi 歌詞


(verse 1: 279tyler)
i just get the bread i don’t do no talking
your b_tch hit my dm then we f_cking
i don’t talk it out i don’t do discussion
sippin’ on the muddy cause i f_cking love it
boy you can’t finesse me cause i am no dummy
heard the opps hungry send shots at they stomach
ha ha ha, to the bank but ain’t sh_t funny
opp saw the glock in my coat he running
caught another opp, at the light he floored it
ant just got the pint in he gon pour it
glock go with me everywhere like we touring
heard you need some xan well i got some for you

(verse 2: luxi)
pull up in a phantom lil b_tch give me sloppy
i got percs up on me walking like a zombie
(?) like he ate wasabi
getting to that green smoking on my broccoli
i sell propane, i’m hank hill you bobby
that means you my son, you a clone you copy
tyler pull up on me kick it like karate
breaking down a perc drop it in my muddy
ha ha ha lil b_tch you so funny
ha ha ha, b_tch lets get this money
you is not my bro, you is not my buddy
i sip dirty fanta, i count dirty money
i can’t hang with you, cause your pack not musty
i can’t hang with you, cause your pack not musty

- 279tyler