279tyler – perc 10’s 歌詞


[intro: luxi]
ok, ok, ok, ok, ok

[verse 1: luxi]
uh, ok, perc 10’s k!lling me slowly
xd make him hokey pokey
i don’t need no lil b_tch on me
lil blue pill got me floating
said he was tough he folding
and the zoom is telescopic
i don’t need your help b_tch, stop it
in the (?) so b_tch i’m c_cky
riding in a mazi
roll a wood, that sh_t my hobby
put some (?) up in my (?)
eating steak and calamari
with a b_tch that look like barbie
wake him up out of his sleep
with a glock with a laser beam
give me that sh_t out your safe
and give me the rest of your weed
want my account full everyday
not just for a week
eat benihana everyday
cause that sh_t just good to eat
wake up, wake up, wake up
i think these boys asleep
push start all on my whip
i don’t f_ck with keys
had a b_tch out on an island
when i land she on her knees
told her (?)
zoom, zoom, zoom i’m gone
smell like loud and some cologne
you not in your bag you broke
heard you paying for your shows
bro just quit it, you a joke
we laughing at you bro
tyler get this lil boy gone
[verse 2: 279tyler]
it ain’t sh_t to get them gone
this cookie my cologne
these opps trippin’ what they on
private numbers they callin’ my phone
said they gone pull up to my home
i wish they would cause i got the chrome
when you speak to me better watch your tone
i’m a boss, and they should know
i got the pack, yeah, bro he growing
i’m a make it rain, this money i’m throwing
percocet in my lean, it got me floating
slurring my words and moving so slowly
all of these rappers, yeah, they so phony
you say i’m broke, yeah you so funny
cause i know you ain’t got no money
sippin’ on lean, fell in love with the muddy
i’m a big dog, and you a puppy
spanish hoe she call me papi
this louis, i don’t wear versace
all these hoes, on ig, they stalk me
going up and you can’t stop me
she hit my dm then we f_cking
don’t play with me, you could kick the bucket
glock make an opp spin, like a pop shuvit

- 279tyler