279tyler – whole seal freestyle 歌詞


pour the whole seal up i’m getting f_cked up
bad b_tch that’s yo hoe she wanna f_ck us
run up on us and my bro he get to dumpin’
they ain’t on nothing
i had to go turn nothing into something
they used to be something
now they just is nothing
like how do you do that?
i be counting up stacks
i be getting big racks
put your bro in a toe tag
don’t talk to me you a whole f_g
choppa on me you better get back
getting so high smoking on anthrax
yeah them problems you don’t want that
yeah, yeah them problems you don’t want that
turn that boy to a throwback
leave that boy in the d_mn past
i just be getting so d_mn high
don’t know where i’m d_mn at, woah
yeah my glock it’s doing damage
smoking on all this cabbage
make an opp go and vanish, yeah

- 279tyler