27reeves – ​getmeoutofhere 歌詞


i hear the rain pouring out my window
i hear the lean spilling out my cup hoe
the only thing i love is my iphone
the girl i used to love got me high hopes
now i’m sitting in the road out of sight oh
i’m never leaving here cause i’m right at home
i’m just hiding here cause i don’t know where to go
maybe i’ll die one day and maybe i’ll make it home
i can’t express my feelings enough here
but everybody gonna make it back herе
but me i don’t come herе easily
so if you’re gonna f_cking try me
go ahead peacefully yeah
there’s just been a lot of sh_t all on my mind
i can’t tell if i even got sh_t right
if you loved me you would want me to die
nowadays i’m sitting in my bed getting high

- 27reeves