27reeves – ​manufactured rage 歌詞


[verse 1: 27reeves]
some people will do this sh_t just to get big
but have no success at the sh_t that they get
and if they succeed and have millions
they won’t have connections to fans
and fall when they get big
i’m talking bout purpp i’m talking bout pump
still goes for lil kracker still goes for capone
and all of the people that’s
putting the clout right ahead of the art
they’ll still be in a slum
cause if they get big and the big ones fall off
i’m not gonna help them, i’m not gonna call
i hope that your fame is so worth it
your chains and your gucci
cause i’m gonna give it my all
the real ones succeed
the fake ones will plummet
the artists will walk
the posers will run it
the chasers will die
the smokers will love it
the body is high
the mind isn’t nothin’
they know they will do about anything new
they could think of
to maintain the relevance from it
i know i will do about anything true
to stay real with myself
and hope i don’t get hunted
long live lil peep, juice, x, and the woo
and f_ck all the people that did it for views
the legends in heaven now they got no rules
and you tryna profit you got no excuse, yuh
[verse 2: 27reeves]
you got here yourself you did it your all
you won’t take advice but get lost in the mall
you’re keeping a 30 you’re keeping some cdg
tucked in the louis belt, think you gon’ ball
you reach for the phone and no one will call
you do it for money, you try not to stall
but when you get home from the store
that late night, you will question
is it even worth it at all?

[verse 3: 27reeves]
i’m feeling the ground beneath me, it’s shakin’
i’m ragin’, i’m pacin’ from addict to patient
identity crisis, i feel like i’m isis
cause k!lling these beats are my only devices
i got some advice for you f_ckers that need it
your thinking’s so f_cked, i almost wanna keep it
but i’mma just tell you right now you are f_cked
you needa pick up the pen and then put down the blunt
cause you know we all love it, you love it too much
you ain’t ever f_cked up, you ain’t ever gon’ touch

[outro: 27reeves & unknown f_ggot]
yeah your sh_t dog sh_t boy
i could mentally replace you bro with a f_cking dog bruh
i ain’t gonna cap bruh
you gonna be soundin’ like a lil poodle without a leash boy
yo sh_t ass
aight, then replace my ass then
i wanna see how you do
i wanna see you do bro
might as well end your f_cking career bruh
just end that sh_t
(unknown f_ggot hangs up)

- 27reeves