27reeves – ​smile.jpg 歌詞


ayy, ayy
(cole the king)
b_tch, b_tch
ayy, ayy, ayy

[verse 1]
hate my life so f_cking much
b_tch you better f_cking shush
money in the bank and then
i’ll f_cking k!ll you and the bunch
i don’t know where your f_cking parents are
or where you are
i don’t even know ’cause
i’m gonna k!ll them tonight now
money in the bank wonder where it would go
i got millions in my savings
i’m in love with a hoe
distancing my f_cking self
is the route that i’ll go
catching all these f_cking feelings
make me wanna go slow
sipping all this lean with the weed
off a bean with a xan for the plan
i’m like please just understand, ayy
yeah man i just wanna get a hand
second guess it’s in the plan
second chances will not give
p_ssy broken need a cat scan
my d_ck is flaccid you a trash can
i be f_cking call it kickstand
r kelly with the p_ss stand
nothing free, you and me
all i see is all i’ll be
f_ck you b_tch
my life has gone so sour
and i want to be full of power
i don’t know when i’ll ever be found but
i won’t take a shower
should i go, i don’t know
depression on a low
i don’t know how to do this anymore
my life is becoming a f_cking h_ll
b_tch tell you go to h_ll
f_ck you b_tch you are just
motherf_cking inside a spell
what the h_ll
i don’t know
what the f_ck you tryna say
what the f_ck if everybody
tryna say that i’m g_y
f_ck a b_tch
f_ck her mother
f_ck her sister
f_ck it all
what the f_ck
i don’t care
smile ’til you f_cking croak
f_ck a b_tch and she broke
f_ck everybody in this f_cking home
i hate my life
just smile

- 27reeves