2bias – 1995 歌詞


raf raf raf
cash out at home
riot! riot! riot!
straight outta belgian

flexing my raf like pretty flacko
ozweego bunny tripple white好似月野兔
hybrid greg lauren kimono
pants from kawakubo
長袍有般若praise to yohji yamamoto
made in china
nah nah必須日本製造

young flexer break the fashion law
getting that telephone call
from mr porter
sir we processing your order
couple racks for the order
2003 parka new order
yeah i’ve just f_cked up some commas

dior homme got the mosh pit
一帆風順call it yat pit
silk gang silk city
dress valentino
刺繡on my針織布
cutting the fabric on the dragon town
getting your cash ready now
craig green cost some british pounds
neon green new vibe now
lime green on my puffer
aye watch out it’s prada
raf simons my true love
talked about jewels
we talked about pearl
talked about 翡翠
they flexin‘ on you

penelope tree came with the shark
peter de potter on the graph
history of my world and i’m taking no drugs
paper dolls from the 03
suicide doors on the 63
archive docle & gabana
sweaters mansion magela
i’m counting the numbers
no more calvin klein
where’s the dollar sign
flexin girls by my side

you got h_lla guap但你買唔到flex
paris fashion week invite me as the guest
golden lighter on my neck
gucci louis hold my back
not a fact

- 2bias