2facedbandits – skat freestyle (feat. insaf) 歌詞


[verse 1 _ kulkov]
runnin’ up the dash (what?)
220 in my brand new whip (yeah)
deveste eight got your b_tch in the back doing fake taxi (yeah)
remember i was in compton selling cocaine and some black tar heroin
made it out the trap popping percy’s thats why i got here
percy after percy and i landed right here (skattt)
amazon buying all this stuff
2facedbandits yeah you know we get that cash (cha ching)
music video every f_ckin song, 10 song album 5 song deluxe
cyber bandits cyber deluxe
got that sh_t streaming all on spotify (may 25th)

[verse 2 _ ritchie]
ay, ay, ay, 20 g’s yeah thats out the trap
money coming in thats a fact yeah
ari j he’s on the guitar
with me im on the racks (racks)
on the mic about to freestyle
ain’t no nothing its just a deal time (what?)
i came out the trap selling coke for my racks
you know i was nothing now i’m out here getting big racks
yeah yeah yeah i’m back at it again with the huge ass verse
you know its elon and im coming to take you to a herse (yeah)
aye you know that its a fact i be getting money no cap (yeah)
i’m rapping over this beat and i’m going to hand it over to oozie
yo, you ready bro?

i think he’s ready..


[verse 3 _ insaf]
getting money getting that bag
you know who i am like a little uzi
getting money getting that bag designer clothes all over
getting money getting that bag
getting money getting that bag
we in quarantine but you know i’m going out
and you know im hanging with boogie and them
getting money thats all we do

- 2facedbandits