2j – comments song 3 歌詞


roses are red,violets are blue /
i’m so bored what about you? /
yeah me too.. so let’s get this sh_t goin

let’s start babe, it’s called the comments song 3 /
it’s about time, d_mn yeah but you don’t see /
4000 comments to read /
don’t make me put an apple in your p_ssy
sayin “eisai palavi /
sick comments, but keep calm and do the dougie /
i get my dance on and b_tches be like “f_ck me” /
see once you go black you never go back /
i got ‘efaki lovergirl’ sayin “quack quack”! /
michalis is a arxidomounopoutsogliftaros /
my first hit b_tch ‘move your body like a garo’ /
i’m so precocious, rhyming ferocious /
superkalifrajilisticexpialidocious /
boom! shaka shaka, boom shakalaka /
xezw gia plaka, gi’auto me len malaka /
koupepia mada faka, the comments i applause them /
“this is f_cking awesome” /
i bet you can’t read this ‘ni had mada’ /
f_ck you too with an aggouri kai ntomata /
2j is g_y, i swear i try to fake it /
but oh well sh_t happens when you party naked /
she f_cks up all the things around her, solo /
yo ko ,yo ko ,yo ko , yolo! /
so check out what im about to say, yolo! /
leave me alone, check it out, yolo! /
f_ck yolo! and f_ck swag! / argh! /
who ever sais “yolo” is a f_g/ argh! /
im doing your mom like ‘pourourourourourour’ /
bass makes the b_tch cum ‘pourourourourourour’ /
bi, bidi babidi bu g.g w.p /
smukidi mukidi mpoum, pi_pi to papi /
why the f_ck am i doing the comments song 3? /
dame pollo vromi, i agree! /
fae mia banana, leyteris papadopoulos /
my name is thanasokuprotsekrovalxanikopoulos /
oh sh_t, agapw ton bob sfouggaraki /
‘e pushtopatman’, ‘e kostaki /
eisai kathigitis, i’m the pinnacle /
2j is the best, f_ck you, “autokinito!” /
there is a girl which i miss, i haven’t seen her /
you’re right, we know who it is, yo christina! /

elli elli elli elli elli elli elli /
elli elli elli elli elli elli (next) /
f_ck you f_ck you f_ck you f_ck you /
f_ck you f_ck you f_ck you f_ck you f_ck you (next!) /
christina is the best, christina is me /
everybody loves christina koliantri /
once upon a time.. /

walk into the club like “whaddup i got a big c_ck” /
i wish i could sell all these comments at the thrift shop /
sap, i think you mean “sup”, so shut the f_ck up /
and learn how to spell “you suck” /
2j is the thing, need i say more? /
pote en na kameis comments song 4? /
never! for real if you know what i mean /
now let’s go somewhere a little more green..

f_ck lil wayne, yeah i agree /
everybody loves that young money /
so en ikserw ti na pw like antoni.. /
ou, comments song thria for the win you see?.. /
pou, gla pougla, cool story.. /
bro, tell it again like omg /
what, what, what, what, ymcmb /
i really can’t rap for the life of me /
i, am the last comment, noob /
b00b.. bies, st’archithkia mas, true /
you, wanna suck a c_ck boo boo? /
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, koukouroukou! /
woah, mama /
k!ll yourself like a pro, mama /
oppan harlem and i know it, mama /
i got 21 seconds to go, mama /
‘fo sho’, mama /
mama! 2j’s mom is hot /
say that again im’a give you a headshot /
like boom! skata patimena /
heeeeeee, macarena /
katia kiriakoudi l!ck my head and my neck /
and my pet and my leg and my chest cause i’m the best / rawwrr /
said doggy is my style, and blow is my job /
i got way too many comments from this girl kikoua top /
stop, 2j time..
shimmi lammingly dinga ringy pitta patta likti creck wick
tin ton tiddly pip dot tab! /
dayum, yeah that’s not bad /
you can spell my name, d.a.f.n.i k.a /
r.l.e.t.t.i, g_y /
gareth bale f_ck me sideways /
so many people told me “good luck” /
52 times i saw the word ‘suck’ /
so many comments to read i left them all out but
i don’t really give a f_ck! / chorus!
gamw tin troika, sugardaddy, geia /
alogo klania, oooo soultan, ha! /
kreatoelia, ganja kai kakka /
people what dafuq?! / x2

- 2j