2kbaby – no hook 歌詞


mmh, mmh
mmh, mmh
mhm, ayy
ayy, mmh, mmh

[verse 1]
first n_gga ever did it
came back to the city
whippin’ sh_t ain’t rented it
b_tch, i ran me up a 20, spend it on my n_ggas
now we all glistenin’, they see we all hittin’
we made it out the trenches, i make sure they get it
[?], now we never slippin
you n_ggas be trippin’, don’t know what you sippin’
told my [?] don’t love on these b_tches
just f_ck on these b_tches
these b_tches be switchin’
i’ma buy me a new coupe, with no roof
bullet proof, comin’ through, and it’s tented
shawty like me, how i shoot
how i do, how i move
how i groove, when she love me up in it
i cannot choose ’cause i’m in love with you
and your crew, shawty too, i’m confused so i’m pickin’
[verse 2]
we was out late nights, told my mama we was out on the day night, yeah
tryna get my cake right
in a city where these n_ggas don’t play right, yeah
but now i’m the problem
but i ain’t goin’ back to the bottom
lil’ b_tch, i’m surrounded by goblins
the same n_ggas that be robbin’ the robbers
the same n_ggas that be poppin’ ya papas
the same n_ggas that be toppin’ the toppas
the same n_ggas that be boppin’ the boppas
the same n_ggas that be knockin’ the block
like bang n_gga, we gon’ spot him, i got him
my chain bigger [?]
ya main n_gga, he be watchin’ ya pockets
lil’ lame n_gga all that flackin’, boy, stop it
bad b_tch who the hottest
the whole city rockin’
i been trendin’ topic
i’m just bein’ modest
b_tch i ain’t stoppin’
[?], young n_gga poppin’
lil 2k the prophet, he like david crockett
i swim in that lil’ n_gga salad
better send that deposit
he’ll run in ya pockets
that lil’ n_gga all ’bout his profit
this sh_t ain’t no gas, it’s ’bout smokin’ exotic
i’m sippin’ on [?], just look at my socket
i’m movin’ robotic, you said what you coppin’
but no you ain’t got it
just look in yo’ wallet
my n_gga be honest
you say you be glockin’ but you never clocked it
so why do you got it?
you know you ain’t ’bout it
they don’t get my logic
they say i’m demonic
i think thats ironic
i say that i’m toxic

- 2kbaby