2ktootrilleli – goin far 歌詞


i can’t date a b_tch she broke my heart
i can hate a b_tch just like a dart (pew pew)
gotta paint my b_tch just like some art
b_tch im bouta skrrt up in a rar

[verse 1]
b_tch im bout to skrrt up goin far, i ain’t lookin back
only thing shes poppin off some bars
i ain’t thinkin bout times like that, i just start
make a wish, follow dreams, like one day i’ll be a star
you can’t even do this sh_t
why the f_ck you do this sh_t
you can’t even move like this
they ain’t even built for this
had to make a way for sh_t
i can’t even stret for sh_t

- 2ktootrilleli