2mf – big floyd 歌詞



this goes out to:
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samuel dubose
walter scott
mario woods
freddie gray
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you thought i was done?
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rekia boyd and big floyd


plus anyone who died before, after and whilst making this song to police brutality

[verse 1]
1500 and counting
the death is amounting
ethnic minority
targeted by police brutality
and then they wonder why, its a hate pig mentality
and that’s the reality

[verse 2]
because it’s like if you’re black you’re the criminal, you got a be
if your hispanic your an immigrant, you have to be
it will take a nation of millions to hold us back ask public enemy
but apparently
black is the enemy
the evidence that we are there is none, evidence that you think that there is plenty
empty plates
so we head for mtv dreams
that doesn’t work so we have to sell to the fiends
living life in fear because of skin colour
a black kid k!lled by the police, yes another
and it shouldn’t be like i would’ve should’ve could’ve
for a long time, you have been hearing us yell
for a long time, you have been making money off us going to jail
but this time we will prevail
because without fail
black people have been picked on, looked down on, frowned on
having to work 9 to 5 and then 6 till 1
i never thought i would have to rap about racism
it can take many forms like a prism
it can also have many sides like a prism
but can also be endless like a prism
the only thing which needs to happen is it needs to be gone
not reduced in size as if it was to be turned into a polygon
but gone like the protection that police give
gone like all the young black men and women who have died because they risked it
risked it for their family and friends
because the corrupt government couldn’t make ends meet, so that means grinding on the weekend
and soon it means jail, soon after that the meets end
going to jail because of rights aren’t enforced, laws are
going to jail because can’t afford a lawyer
can’t afford a lawyer because of an unfair life, from birth because police cause paranoia
and the cycles continues
but racism should not, will not, could not
because we are not standing for another innocent black man to get shot
selling pot, selling crack smack and coke, making the block hot
therefore k!llings sisters brothers and cousins, neighbour’s dog and what, not
this is not a suitable way for a man to be living
not a suitable way to make a living
just because of the amount of melanin
that is within
whilst our stomachs get thin
you have a sleep in
whilst we have to watch where were are sleeping
in case we get caught are slipping
not kidding
that’s poverty for the men, women and children
poverty for the ethnic minority
poverty for the ethnic minority

there comes a time when silence is a betrayal
so if you’re not doing more than your bit you need to get hit and the head like a nail
by the hammer of common sense
if you don’t then you are disrespecting black presence
in simple terms, if you’re not with us your one of them
racism isn’t a disease isn’t spread through phlegm
it’s a choice that you make
a road that you take
a road that leads to suffering
if it isnt lynching its strangling
if it isn’t strangling it is framing
if it isn’t framing its enslaving
and its wrong
but you know that and ignore that like all of a sudden one day we are all going to give up and be gone
ghana, nigeria, mexico, costa rica it shouldn’t matter where you are from
but somehow it does
and to us
we can’t understand
okay leave the past in the past
2020 black men and women still getting harassed
but its time for the rise up of the masses
raise your glasses, no raise your fists
because this
is monumental
sad but now hope like this instrumental
poverty for the ethnic minority
poverty for the ethnic minority
[verse 3]
i’m not saying all lives don’t matter i’m saying black lives matter more at this point in time
thanks to you not speaking aloud about issues, i do in rhyme
arrested for no crime
doing time
this isn’t black versus white
its everyone versus racists and so in these verses i write
about how enslavement affects us to this day
how it’s an unescapable place
rich dad, poor dad this is the rat race
education is the most valuable thing
so when its took because of where you living
took because your ancestors were imprisoned
it all goes downhill
but that’s not just how i feel
it’s how it is, keeping it real
poverty for the ethnic minority
poverty for the ethnic minority

[verse 4]
the higher white powers keep us in the hood
give us guns, let us rap because that’s the only way the trap would ever sound good
but we rap about it to leave it
but now we should wrap it up and leave it
don’t ban drill
but when you spit to k!ll other kids get inspired and shoot to k!ll
rapping is the way out but at the same time in draws the youth in
ask 2 chainz its either rapping or going to the league
not because we are incompetent but because the homelands were sieged
we got took and now we are free?
free to be in poverty
or be in a cell doing slavery
viewed as an asset by the government to make money
ask meek mill because what’s free?
free is when the media ain’t controlling what we see
hated on because our genetics are from overseas
therefore k!lled by officers
who are meant to be overseers
of our safety
something that the police left off
we are hated because you brought is here unethically is right on
and now because of ethnicity, you want us gone
there is clearly something wrong
poverty for the ethnic minority
poverty for the ethnic minority

k!lled over a £20 note
lyrics i write, i wrote
i will or i won’t
no, i will say it someone has to
its the revolution and there isn’t going to be a part 2

- 2mf