2mf – shogun theme 歌詞


when i rhyme so many syllables
with so many lines, how can i be ridiculed
your attempts are futile
your losses are pitiful
this is a deep pit to fall
especially if your bars are appalling
but now you got me yawning
talking about how you are balling
by this time i’m basically snoring
it’s like yes i saw him
in his drip like he was snorkeling
but no i didn’t hear him producing
yes i did hear about his ghost writing
you and go and boast about your rhyming
when the delivery is so off timing
your bars so overused i’m confusing it for a snapped string for a violin
like a$ap rocky were all smiles
because someone is about to be disappearing
you thought i called shin lim
once this is out will you still be relevant? because your chat is fake like kim
i be doing this 7 days and nights like k and k
i have to clear vision like 4k
you say your the best and i just say ok
this is cold like 1k
that’s minus 272.15 celsius
that’s why i’m seizing the game like juilius
whos the best, you already know its us
we bees the buzz
cause we are like couscous
because we are the ones who resisted the grinder and now are grinding
so if you try to cus us
it will just be ridiculous
because it isn’t the right angle it isn’t perpendicular
how can people like you
chatting about what knows who
and are genuinely clue
about the lyrical ability of 2mf
all these other rappers need an f
in the chat
my ambitions are less like 2pac
but more like unknown t
the tea is unknown till spilled
the bucket is only kicked when they are k!lled
and my work here not done till i’m over thrilled

spit on the grill with heat like a grill
that’s bare grills
you thought i was trekking through some mad hills
well surely my rhyme will come to a standstill
you stop and stand still and stare still
even though you no this isn’t gonna end like the number of features on dreamville
for real
like with content like this i don’t think i need a record deal
or a label
maybe i need so medicine because i’m so ill
or maybe a pill
or a hundred mill
and even then i don’t think i will be cured
i got many more beats to make and bless
like even i can’t wait to see what i put out next
how i left this isn’t right i swear i’m ambidextrous
many more to come trust
my bars don’t go through oxidation they never rust
so i guess there like uranium very explosive
there already in your cranium you know it
this is the intro to a long way home you thought it was made by george to poet
home is where you feel comfortable and i only feel comfortable being the coldest
i had to put this in the freezer after i wrote it
i’ll be on spotify and deezer before you know it

- 2mf