2nd exit – intro – 2 bars 歌詞


i’ll try be way more laid back
like almost talking
you know conversational
say h_llo
h_llo, h_llo

whether you love me or love me not
there’s only so much time here on this bumpy rock
how come we lost our sense of pride
our enterprise is desensitized but never mind
forever blind we gather by the lights
hoping for a sense of purpose circling in the circus
nervously approaching closing in
wounds opening but we try suppress the surfacing emotions
courteously coping waiting for a glint of light
to crack through the curtain but d_mn man it’s hurting bad
but still we persevere it’s the perfect plan
turn the camera off observe the manner
of the man upstairs watch each step take note
cos there’s no limit to the plot
no power in the vote now it’s just a joke
faith and hope fell in love and now is an eloped
and now i’m all alone with no power on my phone
no change in my pocket at home cold showers
are the topic of discussion, lost within disruption
while other people try obtain the opposite of nothing
positive i’m strutting in the right direction
honestly my compass is confused needs correction
cos it’s pointing to the past we need the present
see the point is to advanced heed the lesson

- 2nd exit