2nd generation wu – weapon x 歌詞


that’s my stunt

[verse: sun god]
i’m back at it
know it’s wrong, i was serving this dope to rap addicts
it’s that wu sh_t, cutting them up like mathematics
yeah it’s f_cked up, i tighten em up like back spasm
tie that n_gga to the back of the truck, i might drag him
and despite all of this bullsh_t, fam i ain’t bragging
need to vacate, cause this jk don’t mean i’m laughing
what your n_gga said? “sh_t could get thicker than molasses”
you a b_tch that goes ot, tricking with your action
when they see me, they don’t know me, n_ggas need glasses
then i hit em with the “mhm”, why they breathe passion?
it’s a hook, i feed em all more battle bars than b_magic
we riding, put your seatbelt on cause we be crashing for our life
n_ggas stuck in the moment on some trap sh_t
purple rolls, white bandanas, fade to black
sh_t, they blowing up, just wait, the god show up with the matches
this sh_t gon’ get realer, out in muh_f_ckin’ staten
n_ggas saying i ain’t eating, so sh_t about to happen
n_ggas eating off my plate, i fed them n_ggas mad sh_t
cocaine car keys, money in the mattress
glock .19s and hunnid rounds, you can’t imagine
couple bad b_tches strolling around
cleopatras for that green
that hammer be poking out like a cactus
two things that bang to blow a n_gga backwards
ask them

let’s get it up
can’t be

[verse 2: sun god]
lemme tell you why i spit this sh_t
i hit the stove till the pyrite turn blue like the 60s crip
cut em out, we gon’ get these chips, i dug em out
and you was on the mile while i pinched these bricks
a street sweeper when i lift these sticks
a drug abuser can’t throw no sh_t at my cup like “who slipped me this?”
yeah imma hide in cloud 9, don’t get me dipped
i get to moving like a bend to the wind, full throttle
imma pop another bottle, n_ggas counting my ends
all this money don’t amount to my fam, you a snitch
and a rat is only looking for cheese, i get you bit
twenty barrels that’ll buckle your knees, hit the strip
you a sour crack n_gga to me, cause you ain’t sh_t
and these dirty’s the only f_cking minerals that you get
get my drift when i step on these seams, these n_ggas dipped
rolling piffs, so get used to the gas because it’s lit
it’s guaranteed i got my foot in yo’ ass, cause you a b_tch
leave a print around your mouth my n_gga, cause you a b_tch
n_ggas call me “sunny don’t be a menace” cause i’m the sh_t
car cables, i’m the only thing jumping in this b_tch
with all this motherf_ckin’ money, money is getting spent
it’s no tricks, why these n_ggas be loving my old sh_t
get a whip, cause your b_tch be bugging, she drove sticks in the mix
cause these n_ggas be stealing my old sh_t
it’s sunny
[outro: sun god]
championship ring music
we up and jumping, man
the l_i to s_i_y, man
new york city, all day
bang em

- 2nd generation wu