2nd grade – something i’ll have to remember 歌詞


if you need me i’ll be there in a hurry
if you need me i’ll be there on the phone
it’s something that i’ll have to remember
when i feel alone
yeah i love all of the people in my life
it’s a thing i’m usually too shy to tell
it’s something that i’ll have to remember
when i feel like h_ll

there’s always someone, i guess
who’s trying to do their best
to say “i’m happy to see you”

seems like everyone’s in such a big hurry
and there’s only so much one can give
but p_ssing in the well that you drink from
is no way to live
you can call it just what the doctor ordered
you can call it anything at all
gonna throw a special little something
right over your wall

there’s always someone, it’s true
who’s trying to do right by you
‘cause to them, you’re important

- 2nd grade