2nd grade – summer of your dreams 歌詞


hanging out in the attic
i’m not getting any better at it
but i can still play the drum set
and throw four to the floor
and i won’t play the harmonica
if you don’t play the melodica
we can never get far enough
away away away from

are you ready for the summer
of your dreams, yeah

this chord will be gone tomorrow
because it’s everyone’s to borrow
but you can still be the star of
my big autumn breakdown
so clap your hands like you wanted to
and the silence won’t bother you
but a song won’t father you
and your mother is already gone

“i know folks who can get us pot”
said a friend who never said a lot
“sally forth and forget me not”
said somebody else
“if we tear down babylon
remember, we were only having fun”
said the boy with no towel on
as he climbed out of a car

- 2nd grade