2nd in command – carrots freestyle 歌詞


verse (2nd in command):

country boy got carrots, but i ain’t talking no vegetables
f_cking on your parents, your grandma say that’s detestable
i got myself a mormon girl, don’t question my methods, b_tch
my method is distressing to tepid eggheads who can’t get a chick
she built like a vacuum but she sure know how to (blow!)
man, she got some furr, that p_ssy like a camel (toe!)
wrap it up, lil darkie, i’m a legend you all (know!)
spider gang my heroes, i will never ever (go!)
i earlier lightened my load like poseidon
i got that girl wеt when i came up inside hеr
we started the waterworks, p_ssy got tighter
her p_ssy so wet, i’m becoming a diver
i think that i like her, wanna go on dates?
“sorry, i have to be home at, like 8:00”
okay, can i have your number at least?
“sorry, you’re only like half a beast.”
the f_ck was that for?!
f_ck that girl anyways, i’m a legend on the dance floor
my bars are legendary, my presence is unrivaled
all this p_ssy chasing after me, but my first name ain’t fievel
“that’s a nerdy reference”
f_ck you, b_tch
suck my d_ck like succubus
i’ll f_ck on your mother, the finest ass, think i’ll nut in this
she loving this, she love my style!!
“but the style isn’t yours
you’re just making a lil darkie song, just make melodic more”
no b_tch, i’m bored of that
the h_rnet snaps before the gnat
you wh0res are wack, i’m more than that
i’ll set my early morning trap
y’all trippy when i paint the streets red with my enemies
an entity talking sh_t_ call that b_tch human centipede
overdose on f_cking chloroform, would you please try it
if i ain’t have an ego, then i would die in this climate
i’m alive and i like it, so just mind your f_cking business
i run circles round you chump, cross country is my fitness

- 2nd in command