2ru3 – all i can do 歌詞


god…it’s been hard…
but i know….you the only reason why i’m here right now…

all i can do, is trust in you
all i can do, is trust in you
all i can do, is trust in you
all i can do, is trust in you

so many people have let me down
took my heart, shot it up, stomped it in the ground (like i’m nothing)
i often wonder why they did me wrong
why they lied, marred my name, tried to bring me harm (can somebody tell me)
but through it all when feeling low
you were there when it seemed that i was all alone (all alone)
thank you for being he who is a friend
whose love is pure never scheming ways to do me in


to love is sacrifice and pure of heart
giving others what most wouldn’t just to see them strong

but there is pain when you loving real
and sometimes i felt so burdened i ain’t wanna live

(appreciation) seems so foreign now
(what happened to being grateful) for who holds you down

i’ve been abused and treated lesser than
dear lord, i place it in your hands


i’ve suffered much in spite of love i’ve shared
felt many times folks were blind or never truly cared

yet i’m so glad in spite what i’ve been through
i forgave and proceeded to still love like you

thank you for leading in the midst of pain
giving strength when i was weak and couldn’t see my way

your will is what i want and plead for me
with everything i give it up, in all humility


all i can do, is trust
all i can do, is trust…

- 2ru3