360 – facebook fiend 歌詞


facebook fiend

“h-llo? ”
“h-llo, six, what ya doin’? ”
“oh, just facebook man”
yeah, right, what ya doin’ tonight? ”
“just facebook man”
“um, so, should come out sat-rday, it’s gonna be sick”
“nah, i got plans ay”
“yeah, ah, what are you doing? ”
“just probably facebook man”

yo’ i’m a mother f-cking facebook fiend, f-ck mysp-ce it’s fb
so if you want someone to talk to, befriend me
yo’ i got 4000 friends but i’m out for more
and i won’t stop until i get another 1000 more

i deleted one girl she had a duckface
and this awkward lean that made me wanna smash and chuck plates
i had to block this angry nutcase (why?)
that’s because your status updates are whack as f-ck mate

why you do that tag?
if you tag me in a pic’ that ain’t mine then i’ll remove that tag, gone
if you know people to add, go and sms them
cause i find this is the best way to get attention

i don’t care about the clubs and events your sending
i just care about the friends that you’re recommending
yo’ i wanna sit there all day friend requestin’
and if they ask why i’ll blame it on my friend suggestions

“dear veronica,
thank you for accepting my add
no, i don’t know you, but you look pretty cute ay
if you’re from melbourne i was just wondering if you would like to get together and have a lime milkshake with me one time.
cheers babe”

yo’ i know there’s others out there who wanna co-sign this
now we lucky that we got it on our mobiles, sick
you can see me in some pictures but i don’t smile b-tch
and i always give the finger in my profile pics, yeah

and that’s a fact unless i’m taking an ab shot,
and i’m a screamer, i’m always writing in caps lock
and i’m a nerd in real life but i’m thuggin’ on my laptop
so if you wanna fight i got my gack c-cked

i’ve got pictures of the bling that i wanna score
and i’ve got pictures of the rims on my commodore
f-ck with me and you will see your funeral plan
check my arms out, times roman numeral tat

when it comes to hair i only got tips
i got them done in year 8 and they’ve been blonde since
i know you wanna be motivational yo’
but f-ck you and your inspirational quotes b-tch

“hey babe, i’m selfish, impatient, a little insecure, i make mistakes
i’m out of control and at times hard to handle
but if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as h-ll don’t deserve me at my best.”
get f-cked, i do not agree. hahahaha

yo’, to all my friends out there yo’ i’d like you to know this
whether online or offline i don’t like to be poked kids
but now i’m searching just to find me a hoe
but you ain’t kylie minogue so why you strikin’ a pose?

sh-t, she’s hot i wanna date that chick
but she got emo statuses i f-cking hate that sh-t
and let’s be honest that’s a dumb look, thank you
and all your pics are taken from an upwards angle

listen, if we can tell you got a huge head now
any time you meet a guy then it’s a huge let down
your hiding and you’ll find that your lying while denying it
as well i can tell, so your lying to yourself

yo’ i know you like to upload pics
but we wanna see you smiling from the front though b-tch
if there’s one thing i learn off mysp-ce
it’s to never have a blind date with a girl who always likes to hide her face

“excuse me, are you matt? ”
“um, nup, nah, not me babe”

- 360