504 boyz – souljas 歌詞



“anyone contesting tha dogg pound, guaranteed instant death”- [rbx]

[snoop dogg]
it’s them dogg house n-gg-s wit’ them 504 boyz
we the real mccoys
wit’ the plastic toya
pop, pop
grab the glock
c-ck the m-th-f-cka, no limit n-gg-s, we can’t be stopped
did you hear me?
ya heard me
record breakin’
hit makin’
can’t bake ’em
real estatin’
never hatin’
shakin’ up the game
bringin’ the major pain
yea n-gg-, we all in the same game
we enlighin’
never fightin’
and we got them m-th-f-ckas bitin’
you f-ck wit’ p, you f-ckin’ wit’ me
you f-ck wit silkk, you f-ckin’ wit’ me
you f-ck wit’ d, you f-ckin’ wit’ me
n-gg- what, that’s my whole family

[chorus 2x krazy]
what, you b-tches goin’ to war now (war now)
no limit got this rap sh-t on lockdown (lockdown)
wild out, b-tch n-gg-s when we come through (come through)
i hope you wear a vest, souljas touchin’ you (touchin’ you)
i’m bustin’ you

[master p]
i’m on the run, i head west wit’ the dogs
504, that means ball til’ u fall
i ain’t bout’ no playin’ n-gg-, it’s on and poppin’
you either workin’ wit’ those boys, or you out ther shortstoppin’
now keep you eyes on the prize n-gg-, don’t f-ck wit’ the hos
cuz you see at night in the bricks n-gg-, anything goes
now you can bulletproof you chest, and they’ll bust your head
n-gg- you scared to pop, then you could get an early grave
cuz, one time don’t worry me
i’m a third ward n-gg- til’ they bury me (hahaa)
two times n-gg-, shut it down
it’s no limit, we it on lock wit’ the pound

[chorus 2x]

fresh out the courthouse, f-ck the world, i’m finally free
ask them b-tch n-gg-s who snitch, is they ready for me
my proverbs to the tank, believe i love it
since that “bout’ it bout’ it” alb-m, i was dreamin’ of it
ride wit’ me, through the south, as i cruise through texas
a young soldier, wit’ about a hundred grand in my lexus
on my way from houston, after i scored the c-ke
i rather, step to jail than my family be broke
but i owe five hours, i can barely breathe
please lord forgive me for my sins, i got kids to feed
ain’t no n-gg- in the ivory ville givin’ me sh-t
they went from trick to a b-tch and buy that ho a fit
but my souljas, before it’s over off top
before i’m sayin’ to my dogs everytime the dope is chopped
feel that, my n-gg-s will ride wit’ me
snoop and master p said that they’ll die for me

[chorus til’ song ends]

- 504 boyz