6.34santana – death on vinyl 歌詞


spinless, i tell you stay like a f_f_f_fido
i putcho death on v_v_v_vynil
catchu at the light, now ya c_c_c_car idle
[how many times do i gotta go go_go gadget for you to get yo own style]

meltcho venom into silt
take this bullet_stream as warning
talk to me and you get kilt
eyes soaked in the morning sun
i caught you dead at the stoplight
i put my beam in the spotlight
drag her in the trench tell her don’t look back
beat em with the pistol grip till his lip turn black

y’all ain’t real, y’all be sliting the outer wrist
got the steel like it’s full metal alchemist
i turn yo leader to pacifist
i delete and redraw like a strategist
grab the do, smash like it matador, rabid like rabbids or rabbits, i wrap it up, camera, i’m vapid, this satin so thick that it’s latin, i’m batin’ in cages, these gauges for action
there’s more to like, i’m more decisive, more devices like the war in spite
the more the merrier, the area is born to fight
heat is deadly like malaria, you care to try?
i’m a dog but worse, what’s scarier than bark n bite
death wish, deathless, you care to die?
i need targets, heartless, spare ya life
i’m from apartments, lethargic, scare ya mind
spinless, i tell you stay like a f_f_f_fido
i putcho death on that v_v_v_vynil
im underground,

- 6 34santana