6-deep entertainment – call of duty 歌詞


cb x josh lebang x fresha x hali kayloni – call of duty

[intro: cb]
this what they been waiting on though

[intro: fresha]
high as f-ck!
what we had?
umm blue dream, sour and we had some purp

-6-deep ent tag-

[intro: josh lebang]
really tho

[intro: hali kayloni]
high high high (continuously throughout the whole song)

[intro: josh lebang]

[intro: fresha]

[intro: josh lebang]

[intro: fresha]
that’s how you got to do them though you feel me?

[intro: cb]
n-gga we vibin’

[intro: fresha]
like how many, how many of yal smooth enough to vibe to the beat my n-gga?

[verse 1: cb]
i’m blowing doja by the gram, flip it by the ounce;
trying to get a money counter, i ain’t got the time to count;
use to rap just for fun, now yo boy could get a check for it;
og in the bong smells so foul i get a tech for it;
and my flow is even worse, putting verses in a he-rs-;
came up off of one song, now them haters feelings hurt;
act like i was lucky, got me f-cked up, i put in that work;
mad cause when you dropping, your sh-t flopping, don’t get your feelings hurt;
rip the club stages; i ain’t even old enough to get in boy;
that’s just we did boy, that’s just how i get it boy;
yal be talking, see me out for some reason yal quiet;
cause i’m a rider, yo b-tch won’t deny it;

[verse 2: josh lebang]
h-llo! is anyone out there, or is the whole world vacant;
all yal n-ggas sleep, like you counting sheep with a pillow and a blanket;
this crown is mine for the taking; the record is mine for the breaking;
and all yal flow watered down, it sound like yal n-ggas laking;
i’m so i’m so hungry for success, like a homeless at a banquet;
got that steal, got that rubber, i be dress for the occasion;
i conquer intimidation; my mind has no limitation and this just the preparation, uh uh uh;
uh, be ordinary to the mortuary and you’ll have life in the cemetery;
these are the rules to legendary; these are the rules to legendary;
i had a bad b-tch like halle berry, but had to let her p-ss like a hail mary;
i had a bad b-tch like megan good, but had to cut her short like february;
i’m saying…

[verse 3: fresha]
ok, i’m michael jackson moonwalk smooth, i be high as f-ck;
out of touch, living out my dreams sponsored by the kush;
i’ll sleep when i die, or when i need confirmation;
bout’ my route to these millions and this empire i’m building;
fgk in the building, aim your mind towards the ceiling;
put your eyes in my vision, visit victory visually;
vicious, vixens and villains, there’s the fame and the doe;
there’s my friends there’s my foe’s, there’s my friends there’s “tha 4”;
real recognize real, i’m a g, peep the g talk;
girl remove that g string so i can find that g spot;
it’s a turn on when i turn up; i ain’t in h-ll when i burn up;
i inhale when i burn up . . . uh;

[cb talk]
[pac talk]

- 6 deep entertainment