6 dogs – finger roll (lefty) 歌詞


pretty pacc
yeah, yeah

[verse 1]
i just ran up a bag, now i’m looking at my past
always in the very back, now i’m going way too fast
they just tryna make it last, blow my money, get it back
got a couple loose screws, i’m just tryna screw ’em back
i was at jeffery’s, finger roll, lefty (yeah, yeah)
i just copped a new hoodie, now i’m feeling too empty
now i think i’m too ready, yeah, i’m finna blow
whip it like its [?] ready, driving in the snow
yeah, yeah
whip it like its [?] ready, driving in the snow
stuck in her blizzard, yeah, sorry had to go
your heart was cold, yeah, just to let you know
just to let you know, just to let you know
yeah, yeah

[verse 2]
i was in the bleachers, now i’m in your speakers
her love was acid, tripping out of beakers
put holes in my t-shirt, so i had to leave her
now i study currency, yeah, i do my research
rain, rain, go away, prada [?] fill the day
brought my diamonds to a lake
now the kids can ice skate
i might go out of state, i might go out my mind
pull up to the party late, now i think i’m out of time
dip from the party, yeah, car got no car keys
yeah, whip in the rari, haters are fish, she like calamari
yeah, they so sorry
leave me alone
hit my line a thousand times, dial tone
hit my line a thousand times, know i won’t pick up
sitting on the sidelines like it was pick up
always on the bright side, ’cause my diamonds lit up
my diamonds weigh a whole lot, they kinda hard to pick up

- 6 dogs