6 ft 7 & cashsyd – rise n shine (snippet) 歌詞


why is everything chrome
yall already know what the f-ck going on man i ain’t even bout to rap on this track but yall aready know
yea its 6ft7 in this b-tch hold up yea
uh yea uh
we in the stu trappin that work white girl black girl she finna twerk
im off a xanny im off a perc sit back watching you dumb n-ggas curk
yessir uh yessir uh yessir uh uh

yea yall already know what the f-ck it is man shoota
right shoota left shoota yall already know (yea)
we better than xanman period
your rhymes are a joke im like are you serious
scooby doo you know we mysterious
dirty don he looking curious (huh yea)

- 6 ft 7 cashsyd