6 senz – don’t ever underestimate 歌詞


audio made by corruptname
dusting ya f_ckers when i bust ya mothaf_cking skull
smelling your d_mn fragrance staring high and getting high as f_ck
im loungin in h_ll smoking pounds with the devil
212, on your ass for your mothaf_ckin skull
swinging it like a monkey boy your bodys mutilated dogg
f_ck with us suck my nuts, god you b_tches f_ckin suck
sticking em up, picking your ass up, with a mac truck, bad luck
f_ck that im causin all the problems man
then again goin around, lookin in my telescope and whos the f_cking next to smoke. so you you know not to f_ck with us
poured up the mothaf_cking money, yo your ass get choked
l!ck my f_cking nuts and see the devil looking down your throat
loaded up a f_cking 44, i’m gonna k!ll you all, turn the f_cking keys, b_tch i spark up the ignition
hit the f_cking gas pedal, kiss my f_cking ass, eat my dust mothaf_cka
if you eva meet my senses, the kid, the devil, thе mothaf_cking murdera, heard of us? no you ain’t coz no evеr has escaped
come and meet my demons, cut up your body, toss the pieces, cannibalistic sin and k!ll a f_cking jesus, f_ck god, loving no motherf_cking weak sh_t, come and try me motherf_cker, got the devil by my side, 6 shots to your jaw, so you carcass lookin slumped
keep you in my fridge, lil b_tch ima k!ll the investigators mama
straight d_gg_n these f_ckin b_tches, cuz they ass is mista masses
never eva underestimate the kid, with the motherf_ckin senses
6 mothaf_ckin sens, scandalous

- 6 senz